These New Puritans / Blood Red Shoes

Saw these two bands a week or two ago at KCL Union.  It is not the best venue for ambience, but the booze is cheap and the view is good. 

Firstly, I thought These New Puritans were pretty great.  Hadn’t heard anything by them previously but was particularly keen on their drumming – lots of almost breakbeat stuff and tribal rhythms, raising them above standard indie fare.  The singer can’t really sing, kind of half talking/half singing lyrics (mainly a load of old mystical crap which links them – alongside their youthful enthusiasm and bent for innovation – with Klaxons in my opinion).   I reckon someone in the band likes hip-hop and someone else likes The Fall (although occasional similarity in sound to The Fall might just be accidental).  Also, I thought they had a little bit of Madchester about them (though I think they actually come from Southend or Southampton or someplace south!) – maybe it was the way the singer kept stretching his arms out as if he thought he was the messiah.   Anyway, I’ve ordered the album but suspect i might find i liked them better live.  Lots of promise though.

Blood Red Shoes, hmmm.  I’ve liked a couple of singles and it is difficult to argue with the immediacy of something like ‘Its Getting Boring By The Sea’.   They produce very accomplished punk-pop, they look great, they sound just as good live as on record, but somehow they just don’t thrill me at all.  Maybe it is the fact that, well, all the songs are kinda the same really.  All the same pace, all the same kind of lyrical content (boredom, angst of an adolescent variety), all exactly the same sound with little variation.  I was bored by song three. 


3 Responses to “These New Puritans / Blood Red Shoes”

  1. BINIONS Says:

    BRS were amazing. That is all.

  2. Ant Says:

    I believe TNP are from Southend. What a dump.

    I enjoyed them a lot but feel sullied afterwards. BRS were marvellous, though they need a bit move variety of pace and lyrical theme to keep my interest for a full stretch.

    After all this I got the shivering fever and quivered, moaning, beneath my blanket.

  3. mairimcintosh Says:

    yes, i know what you mean about feeling sullied after TNP. dirty all over. but let us not lose sight of the fact that the drums were great!

    i have been very critical of BRS. partly to annoy Binions and partly because of disappointment. everytime i hear ‘It’s Getting Boring By The Sea’ I think ‘what a great track’, and when i have seen them live (twice) I have felt quite excited at the start but then it just quickly evaporates into boredom and frustration. i’m not going to see them again if they just keep producing the same stuff.

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