Miniblog 2 – MGMT at The Astoria

Having heard snippets on youtube, I thought this lot were going to sound terrible, but they didn’t. Instead they sounded pretty damn fine, althought the sound quality in The Astoria isn’t all that good. Overall, I had mixed feelings about this gig – I really love MGMT’s infectious pop songs, like Time to Pretend and Kids. However, I’m not so keen on the 1970’s prog-rock side of things, and there was a lot of that in evidence with lengthy guitar noodlings. They certainly looked like they were enjoying themselves though.

Florence And The Machine were supporting – they were shit. I would like the machine to mangle Florence in its moving parts until she shuts the fuck up.


One Response to “Miniblog 2 – MGMT at The Astoria”

  1. stoibee Says:

    I saw MGMT in Barcelona and had pretty much the same reaction as you. As there were lots of people on at the same time I also wanted to see, I was not tolerant enough of their prog-rock tendencies. A friend said they reminded him of “The Darkness” so we went off to see The Microphones instead. Therefore I missed out on their pop side. Have you heard Passion Pit yet – they reminded me of MGMT’s poppier side – there are 4 free tracks on their page.

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