Miniblog 4 – Melt Banana at ULU

Very loud and frenetic.  Good fun.  Pretty great really.  Did I mention loud and frenetic? 

I can’t and don’t listen to Melt Banana at home, but thought they were ace live.  I especially liked the seven short songs, each lasting only a few seconds, “that’s one…that’s two…that’s three”.  The singer is a little dynamo. 

The support act, DJ Scotch Egg (or am i completely making that up?) – seemed more performance art than gig.  Extraordinarily loud electronic tomfoolery. 




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2 Responses to “Miniblog 4 – Melt Banana at ULU”

  1. jkneale Says:

    DJ Scotch Egg – that’s brilliant. Was there a bright orange breaded shell?

  2. mairimcintosh Says:

    I hope it was Scotch Egg and not Pork Pie, or Gingsters Cheese & Onion Roll.

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