Miniblog 7 – Radiohead at Victoria Park

I have always had mixed feelings about Radiohead.  At their best they write beautiful and complex music, and some good anthemic tunes too.  At their worst they leave me emotionally untouched.  My experience at Victoria Park did not change this.  They played mainly stuff from In Rainbows, as might be expected, and they did it all very very well indeed.  It sounded great.  And the lightshow was topnotch.  And I liked being outside.  But how much I engaged with the music really varied from song to song, leaving the whole experience feeling a bit patchy for me.  And they suffered from me having been to see My Bloody Valentine the Friday before (which rates for me as one of the very best gigs of my life), who totally hook me emotionally.   Also the crowd contained many idiots.  And it was a bugger getting home.   All in all it was a good gig, rising to occasional magnificence.

Bat For Lashes were good, despite the plug being pulled on the sound at one point.  I was reminded of how much she sounds like Bjork.  I like them much better live than on record, when all the hippy-dippy, mystical stuff gets on my nerves a bit. 

Oh, and I had a cup of tea and hot sugared donuts at the end which was my highlight.


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