My Morning Jacket at Kentish Town Forum – hmmmm

I have only ever mildly liked MMJ.  Some tracks I have thought pretty great, others not so much, but generally they have just failed to really capture my interest.  I guess maybe they are on the periphery of the kind of stuff I like – a bit more 70’s influence than I’m into (although, saying that, I love Midlake), perhaps a bit of the old Christian rock about them (although I have no idea if they are actually religious), a little bit too country.  They’re kind of difficult to pigeonhole and they’ve just released a really weird album that veers around all over the place and certainly doesn’t help with neat categorisation.     

Anyway, on the night in question MMJ played unquestionably well to an extremely good humoured and enthusiastic audience – there were a lot of hands waving in the air.  But I was really rather bored.  Rather than ‘rocking out’ it would be more accurate to say that they ‘prog rocked out’ with most songs having long jamming / guitar solo type bits which left me entirely disengaged.  They played for a lengthy 2 hours plus, at least 1 hour of which comprised of aforementioned prog rock style instrumentals.  Yawn, yawn, yawn.  As I was quite uncomfortable (half boiled to death), I moved to the back of the venue from where I spent most of my time deleting text messages.  I don’t think I’ve ever done that at a gig before, yet i have been to far worse gigs by far worse bands.  And MMJ had some great moments.  The odd song hooked me  (Wordless Chorus, Gideon), the music would soar and a really splended and uplifting noise would ensue, but this would quickly descend into yet more self-indulgent rock gubbins.  I was relieved when it was over, and can only wish I had seen them after ‘Z’ was released and not now. 

As an aside, they were very very  hairy, the drummer was like a yeti and the singer shook his woolly locks like a dog after a bath.


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