Florence – what the hell is going on?

I really can’t abide Florence and The Machine.  I first came across her supporting MGMT at The Astoria in 2008.  I thought she was terrible, and recall my friend, James, heckling in a manner that got him into trouble with his wife.  She seemed superbly untalented to me – yowling and posturing in an unconvincing fashion.  Since then she’s become huge – I can hardly turn the tele on without seeing her hard, soulless face looming up at me.  I’ve watched in disbelief as she attempts to force her shrill, strident voice into inspired, vocal trillings whilst striding about and flailing her arms – the disbelief comes from the fact that there is often an audience WHO ARE LAPPING IT UP!   If you listen to X-fm (although why would you? much better off with NME radio or 6Music), you’d be convinced that she is the very pinnacle of indie musical talent – that is, before you’d actually heard them play any of her records.  Then you’d just be bemused.  I think one of the reasons she annoys me so much is that she’s the kind of indie musician (and I use that term loosely) that has somewhat diminished festivals like Glastonbury (much more so than the odd appearance by a hip-hop artist).    The kind of music that accompanies endless articles in magazines on ‘festival chic’.


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One Response to “Florence – what the hell is going on?”

  1. Ant Says:

    Florence & the XX at Glastonbury – a remarkable crime against music

    And yet the audience say, “Emperor, what lovely new clothes!”

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