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May 6, 2012

Hello, back again after a long hiatus and suspect no one is out there, and who can blame them.  Since having my son, music has very much taken a back seat – I’ve been alternately too tired and too pre-occupied.   Most of my music listening has revolved around old favourites – New Order, The Smiths et al.   What I’ve come to realise is just how much time and effort I used to put into finding good, new stuff – following people on, scouting around, reading reviews etc.  Without all of that, it has been surprising how little decent music you actually come across.   I’ve listened to 6 music and various independent ‘indie’ internet/digital radio stations sporadically, but they are sadly pretty crap – at best very patchy, quite happily following up a splendid track with some piece of shit acid jazz.  Perhaps I’m just managing to miss all the brilliant slots.  A few years back, the wonderful 120 Minutes helped a great deal, introducing me to bands like The Knife (seeing the video for We Share Our Mother’s Health was particularly memorable – I wrote the name of the band down on the inside of the book I was reading).  Sadly, 120 Minutes is no more.  Some total cretins somewhere presumably decided it didn’t make enough money or have enough viewers or whatever.   And now there is pretty much nowhere that makes it easy to hear new stuff worth listening to.

Ah, my 2 year old son is very narked by my lack of attention – and so, a timely reminder of why doing anything that requires more than 1 minute to yourself is nigh on impossible 😦   So a final quick note to say that I’ve been listening to the new album from Orbital (very good apart from some blunders), Alcest (mixed feelings, at times sublime but heard it all before perhaps), and awaiting the soon to be released EP/B sides from MBV.  Not sure about buying the remastered Loveless until I read some reviews – I adore the version I already have.   No gigs for ages, and starting to think I am too old, fat and creaky for that whole business.